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He didn't really give any specific reason for leaving except to take on a new adventure. If anyone watched Let It Rip this past Sunday morning, there's a reason any self-respecting reporter/TV worker would and should never work at Fox 2 and why a local TV news watcher wouldn't and shouldn't watch it.It's unfortunate it's Detroit's only all-morning local news station. Ben Bailey announced he is leaving Fox2News in an emotional farewell Emotional farewell is putting it mildly.As a result, he has got a huge number of fans and well-wishers, mixed with some haters from different parts of the world.You can see these numbers increasing day by day on his Twitter account.Bailey was the host of the American version of Cash Cab, a TV game show played in a taxicab that Bailey drives around New York City, broadcast on the Discovery Channel.He also recently made an appearance on the new Shovio.com's Talk Back TV. Brown is a multitalented person, who is famous as an actor and a rapper.

He was a low key reporter on the weather and shared other duties as a staff member.

Although many known him as Doc Brown, his original name is Ben Bailey Smith.

Ben was born on the 16th of December, 1977 in Kilburn, London, England.

He later met Bailey while operating on a patient who woke up on the table, and after the surgery Bailey blamed him, though when they learned that the patient processed anesthesia differently, she said something that Ben counted as an apology, so they made up. This led to him and Bailey breaking up, because he wasn't there and didn't have the memories she had of that day. Ben quit his job at UCLA because he felt he never saw Miranda or his stepson, so he came back and surprised her, saying he quit his job. When a case came in of two sisters, one of who had developed three kinds of cancer in her lifetime, Richard told the residents to do research on Li-Fraumeni, as that's the condition the girl had.

They did the research and developed a treatment plan, but Rory Williams had already died.


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