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NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site from "Visual Studio installed templates" and AJAX Control Toolkit Web Site from "My templates". Can you point me the differences between those two templates. The Ajax Control Toolkit has around 40 controls which works on top of Core Ajax Framework. NET-powered Web 2.0 applications are not only as sexy and cool as all of the Ruby/PHP/Perl/Python/Cheech&Chong powered services that are sprouting up faster than I can count them, but ultimately more powerful and reusable. They just display the bunch of text boxes, so I do not need them even in tool pane. I noticed that web user control put on ASPX page does not appear in code behind, but if I create it with protected keyword and name being exactly the same as id it works fine.

Ajax-Enabled Web Site vs Ajax Control Toolkit Web Site I just start to use Ajax and noticed when I create a new web site from command menu, I have two options, ASP. Web control in web control Hi, There are two simple web user controls A and B, where B contains A.

I am using a Details View to update an existing SQL Server record.

Thanks, Terry Why don't you capture the Sql Data Source's Updating and Updated events and see what's happening prior to the actual SQL Update? I was changing the sqldatasource from one that includes all rows in the table to one that only includes a specific row, the one I want to edit.

When I click Update, I get the Item Updating event but not the Item Updated event, and the revisions are not written to the database.

It would be nice if there were an error event or exception somewhere to look at but I don't see anything like this.

So there is some issue with changing the datasource programatically.

Here's the button click event that was having an issue: I still don't know why your data is not being updated, but as far as the design is concerned, why not go with Grid View/Details View combination with two Sql Data Sources?


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