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Playing in this league has taught me the importance of teamwork both on and off the field and like a family, our team will always overcome the obstacles that stand between us and our goal.

- NPI Captain My friends and I enjoy Play More because it gives us an opportunity to continue to compete together.

The initial jubilation of an impending first date -- and being able to brag about it to your hopelessly single friends -- can quickly become overwhelmed by anxiety. ) restaurants, each of these 25 choices is pretty much foolproof.

"Uh oh, what am I gonna do with this person whom I barely know? If the night goes sour, you only have yourself -- and the other person, of course -- to blame.

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What brings me back to Playmore each season is not only my love for friendly competition but, it’s the friendships that I have built along the way and the memories that we have made.I'm a low key, upbeat lady with a quirky sense of humor.Spiritual, emotional and physical well-being are important to me. From scenic walks to retro arcades to spark conversation to romantic (but not showoffy! And we've identified those restaurants, bars and other fun activities through which daters determine if they actually connect with their evening companion/near stranger/future spouse/eventual loathsome enemy.The staff is dedicated to farm-to-table, and the atmosphere is open and light.


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