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In line with MTV's "reality"-oriented strategy of not playing much music, Tequila – who earned her reputation as the most popular user on My Space (which at one point blocked her music sales widget) – will star in a bisexual dating show starting October 9th.

Sixteen straight men and sixteen lesbians will vie for her affection using the tried-and-true "Flavor of Love" formula, in which the whole gang will live together in a mansion as Tequila narrows down the cast until the show "culminate[s] in a dramatic ceremony unlike anything you’ve ever seen before."However, people could be losing their patience with MTV's reality trash strategy, if the hundreds of negative comments on the article that originally broke this news are any indication.

Go Here Are you single and active on several social media platforms? Go Here Do you want to participate in an MTV voting special?

Fifteen years ago, that was a question that had zero cultural significance.

Go Here How far are you willing to go to land your homecoming date? Go Here Are you the black sheep of your friends and family?

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Go Here Are you making it in the music industry all on your own?Big Brother contestant Farrah Abraham has also been confirmed to star in the show.According to The Daily Star, show bosses were very keen to sign Casey for the new show.‘He’s used to having girls fawn after his time on The X Factor and being in a boy band,’ they said.Casey is newly single after splitting from his singer girlfriend, Betsy-Blue English, in April.If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?


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