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Our work reaches children and schools, employees and employers in the work place, the homebound, thousands of people affected by Super Storm Sandy, as well as responding to tragedies throughout the New York Metropolitan area.From Individual, Group and Family Trauma Counseling Services to Community Education and Outreach, OHEL is able to both comfort and support victims of trauma while better preparing individuals, institutions and communities in dealing with tragedy. Norman Blumenthal, internationally renowned trauma expert, also leads OHEL’s Crisis Response Team, which has trained clinicians on call to respond to traumatic events in the community.Some of the services provided by the OHEL specialists include: Death notification as needed, bereavement services such as in the case of a tragic accident or untimely death, and crisis response to community members after a traumatic event, suicide, life threatening trauma, and acts of violence in the community.- a single number, no matter where you liveor click here to read about how we can support you.Or it may be that you need reassurance that other people have been through a similar experience – indeed it might be helpful to read about other people who have been bereaved and hear how they’ve coped.Please be assured that all our services are offered to everyone free of charge. We are a charity, staffed by volunteers, to give bereavement support to people throughout Scotland.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her book "On Death and Dying". Kubler-Ross actually wrote about the stages that dying people tend to go through as they come to terms with the realization that they will soon be dead.Sometimes the feelings – despair, loneliness or even guilt – may overwhelm us, so much so that we need help.In time, and with support, we can work through such feelings and learn to live with our loss.A spokesperson person for the ASA told Campaigners also responded with criticism, describing the advert as exploitative.Grief Encounter, a bereavement charity, told the BBC that it had received "countless calls" from viewers who had been affected by the advert.However, her stages have since been borrowed by the larger grief community as a means of describing the grief process more generally.


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