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) to talk to a trained professional or check out our listing of hotlines.

It’s hard to imagine two more circuitous paths to renown than the vocations of writer and undertaker, yet Thomas Lynch has somehow staked a successful career on both routes. His experiences as a small-town funeral director in Michigan fuel books that circle around the theme of mortality, such as The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade (Norton, 1997) and the poetry collections Still Life in Milford (Norton, 1998) and Grimalkin and Other Poems (Cape Poetry, 1994).

Denial and Shock At first, it may be difficult for you to accept death of someone about whom you care.

As a result, it’s natural to struggle with accepting the new reality, to want to deny that the death has occurred.

The grieving process can be less painful if you try to understand that loss and grief are natural parts of life.

Accepting your loss, trusting that the pain will fade in time, and reaching out for help if you need it are essential skills in healing your grief.

Sexual assault involves a wide range of unwanted sexual behaviors that are performed against a person’s will, or when a person is unable to give consent because of their age, disability, level of intoxication, or other reasons.However, this denial will gradually diminish as you express and share your feelings about death and dying with other family members or friends.The more you talk to other people about your loss, the more real it will feel, and you can begin healing.Each state uses a different legal definition to describe the abusive sexual acts.Many states include the following acts in their definitions: forced sexual intercourse, forced oral or anal sexual acts, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.Perpetrators of sexual assault may be acquaintances, friends, family members, or strangers.


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