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If he made money, he'd be ecstatic and want to make love for hours, but if he'd lost money he'd be pissed and horny, and he'd give me the good fuck I wanted. I was getting ready to lean over to the girls and let them know I was going to call a cab and head home, when a guy at the bar caught my eye.He was sipping a beer slowly, and his eyes were focused directly on me. 100 Years of Japanese Cinema - The Century of Cinema (1994) [X.peperolo] 9. 18 roughs / Arashi o yobu juhachi-nin (1963) [ladri1] 22. 1911 / Xinhai geming (2011) [theonlyh -HDChina] 24. All content appeared on this site is the property of its owners.Confession: My name is Feminista Jones and I love watching porn.

It was still early, only 10pm, and Denise and Marcia wanted to keep dancing.

Should've, could've, would'ves rang in my head as I got out of the stranger's car and wobbled back to my own. I'd just been fucked out of my mind, and I could barely register where I was. We went to the bars, knocked back some shots, danced in a circle with each other, and laughed harder than we had in a long time.

Happily married, and I should've finished my drink, left with my girlfriends, and gone home to my husband.

20th Century Boys II - The Last Hope (2009) [AXi NE] 38. 252: Signal of Life / 252: Seizonsha Ari (2008) [AKAGi] 44.

3 Seconds Before Explosion / Bakuhatsu sanbymae (1967) [SG-CG [FSS] ] 49.


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